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      Gimli axe - Leviathan Axe Replica.

      Swift dealers have a collection of premium quality axes. Our collection includes the most demanding Gimli's walking axe. They are made with the finest material and have a lustrous fine finish to add a brilliant shine to them. While buying an axe there are many queries about the axes, how they are made, which one is the right choice to buy, and many more. Here we are discussing the detail of an axe to make it easy for you to select the right one for yourselves. You can be your own master. The first thing to consider while buying an axe is the material it is made up of.

      God Of War Axe Replica.

      One of the best materials that axes are made of is stainless steel. Stainless steel heads are more resistant to scratches and rust. It also helps in maintaining the sharpness of the edge for a long time. carbon steel heads are known for their sharpness but they are corrosive on rainy days. That’s because they need more care. After the head, there comes the material of the handle. The handle is the entire part of the axe and it must be made of strong metal like stainless steel but most of the time wood handle is preferable because it can be replaced if torn apart while cutting. Don’t go for the too glossy wooden handle because they made a smooth surface and give a loose hand grip. A loose grip can give a slip to handle while cutting and that’s a dangerous thing.